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Sorbothane Shock Stopper Heel Pads


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Sorbothane Shock Stopper Heel Pads

Ref: SORB-03

Price: 12.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

- Designed for everyday life and everyday activities.
- Suitable for all types of lifestyles, activity, and impact intensity.

- Pure shock absorbing Sorbothane® compound for the heel.
- Anti-bacterial, anti odour topsheet.
- Super lightweight solution.

- Suitable for all types of footwear.
- Place on top of existing insole.
- Available for shoe sizes 3 - 12.

Sorbothane heel pads are ideal for light sport and everyday use in any type of footwear.

Sorbothane Lightweight Heel Pads heel pads provide pure shock absorption at the heel, where most impact occurs. They are easy to fit into all kinds of shoes, and provide firm support and comfort as an ideal solution to the everyday need for heel protection.

Sorbothane heel pads can also be used for the treatment of Achilles Tendonitis and other foot conditions, as well as preventing shin splints.

Sorbothane®'s total control top sheet contains advanced, antibacterial Nano Silver technology to kill bacteria on contact, wicking moisture away from skin and managing odour for optimal hygiene and comfort.

Use in conjunction with your original insole and experience the whole body benefits of the Sorbothane solution.

The science behind Sorbothane

Shockwaves are created every time your foot hits the ground. Just walking can create harmful shockwaves that reverberate around the body at up to 70mph, causing serious damage to joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.
Sorbothane is proven to absorb an outstanding percentage of these shockwaves, repeatedly without performance degradation.
On impact, the Sorbothane polymer deforms to disperse the shock waves laterally, immediately returning to its initial form to be fully operational in time for the next impact.

The Sorbothane material is a liquid pushed to the maximum of its viscosity, while possessing all of the dimensional properties of a solid.
Why are these properties essential in an insole?
" Beneficial properties of a liquid - When a liquid receives impact it moves and creates lateral circular ripples around the point of impact, dispersing the shock sidewards, immediately returning to its initial shape or form.
" As seen in Sorbothane® - Under the pressure of each impact the Sorbothane® material deforms to absorb the force before dispersing the shock waves laterally and retaking its initial form immediately to be operational at 100% of its efficiency on the next impact.
" Beneficial properties of a Solid - In a car crash, the speed that the cars are travelling at at the point of impact will be a significant factor in the degree of damage caused. The slower the speed, the less forceful the impact will be.
" As seen in Sorbothane® - The Sorbothane® material deforms against the impacting party (proportional to the force) which consequently reduces the speed of the impact and therefore reduces the weight/pressure available to cause damage.

An insole's properties and therefore its effectiveness depends on the type, quality and amount of material composits used as well as the way that they are combined to form the final product. All insoles are different but there is absolutely no other material like Sorbothane which works in the same way. The individual cells within most "gel" and all "cushion" type materials collapse over shorter time and fewer impacts, leaving the wearer unprotected from impact shock and open to injury.
The structure molecular of Sorbothane enables it to return to its original form instantaneously, maintaining effectiveness and ensuring long term durability, better than any "gel" or "cushion" material that we have ever tested.
As well as this, Sorbothane actively disperses force and does so laterally so that it cannot act on your body, which is inimitable by any other material.
Lastly, these benefits are further enhanced by the final technical design of each Sorbothane insole. By apportioning the correct and most effective amount of shock absorption, cushioning support, and hygiene management technology for every intensity of activity, Sorbothane leaves no demand or requirement compromised.


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